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To Albie / Beebows / Little Boy / Pet Cat,


Thank you for being my best friend. I understand why you needed to go and I hope you were okay with how I held you in your final moments. I hope I made you feel as comfortable and loved as you made me feel every single day over the past nearly eight years.


With each break-up and life event, you were there for me. You’d sit with me, snuggle with me and even clean your butt next to me. You knew when I was sad or sick and wouldn’t leave my side. I tried to do the same for you although I know how much you enjoyed your own company too. A little grumble (“meowmeowmeow”) and I’d say okay, okay and leave you be until later.


I loved our afternoon naps. Where we’d both adopt the same poses on a bed or sofa and drift off for a couple of hours before our dinners.


You were the most amazing boy for so many reasons. It wasn’t the big funny things you did that I will miss the most (of which there are a lot!) but the day to day Albie-isms that made you you and made me and you a pair never to be separated.


Even though you’re physically gone, I feel you now on my shoulder, I feel you across my chest and my arms ache with your weight. It’s like your spirit is attached to me somehow. Like a baby in a sling. You were my first cat and my forever cat. And I will look after cats in the future but you were my first and my best friend.  


I’ll miss that soft fluffy bit behind your ears, and your little chin and your blunt tooth. I’ll miss how you’d cry at the sound of the cutlery drawer. I’ll miss our cuddles the most.


Thank you for always being you, right up until the end. You were so unapologetically you.


I don’t know what I did to deserve love like ours, but I will never forget what you gave to my life and how you made me feel.


Love you forever my boy. 



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