Community Projects

Michelle has a passion for developing theatre & community, specifically within the county of Essex. Michelle also runs workshops & classes specifically for under-represented creatives.

"I recently received support from Havering Changing to create a community of emerging writers in Rainham, Essex and team them up with professional actors to perform their work. I'm so thrilled with the results & friendships that we've made throughout the process"

"Thank you Michelle you have been a great mentor and inspiration!"

- Richa Dhami 

(your story participant)

Princess Essex by Anne Odeke


"It is a subliminal history lesson that all ages and cultures will benefit from seeing"

Your Story

supported by havering changing

Director/Facilitator Michelle Payne

Community Writers Alex Raynham, Aman Dhami, Gemma Salter, Richa Dhami, SaraH Clements

Actors Ashley Runeckles, Charlotte Payne, Sean Hinds Jnr, Sharan Atwal &Tianna Sealy-Jewiss

For Havering Changing Daniel Fulvio, Lucy McDonald & James Jackson

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Gemma Salter

 "It's been an absolute pleasure being involved in this over the last couple of months. My 1st venture into writing! Thank you Chelle Payne for all your help and  inspiration!"


Aman Dhami

“I learned so many skills and techniques from Michelle throughout this course. It was lovely using writing as a release from lockdown and to meet new people in Rainham! Everyone's stories really came together by the end and what I loved is that they were all so different! It’s going to be amazing seeing the final results and for everyone to see the beauty of this small village. The end was really emotional, saying goodbye to everyone, but we’ve decided to arrange meet-ups for coffee, so I’m hoping it's not really the end!”


Sarah Clements

 "Thank you for so much for inspiring us to write Chelle Payne. You have been a  great inspiration and mentor and who knows where the future will take us. Thank  you so much. Xx"


Richa Dhami

"Thank you Michelle you have been a great mentor and inspiration! Looking forward to seeing what happens next! Xxxx"


Holly Sheen

"Just wanted to say thanks so much everyone for making the last 12 weeks so lovely! Chelle Payne you have created the most amazing course!"